Our company
It all began back in 1975. Two people with civil engineering experience, one from Austria and the other from Sweden came up with solutions to pressing problems. Their names: Heinz Thurner and Åke Sandström.

The problem: demands for an even and longer-lasting stable roadbed escalated as the speeds employed on railways and roads increased. Furthermore, the landing speeds for runways also rose.

Heinz Thurner
Åke Sandström

A number of innovations quickly saw the light of day (see the table on this page). The new company, Geodynamik, combined know-how of geotechnical phenomena with the art of signal processing. And, today, research and development continues to play an important role in the company.

Geodynamik develops and markets measuring instruments used in control and quality assurance when compacting soil and asphalt during the construction of roads, railways, airports, depots, factories, and housing. One is not limited to any particular roller manufacturer or company. Geodynamik works closely with them all to ensure the best possible results.

Geodynamik is owned by the Thurner family and Åke Sandström.

1976. Compactometer: the first compaction meter for vibrating rollers.

1978. Boltometer: the first instrument for non-destructive testing of rock bolts.

1981. The oscillating roller: the first shearing force roller.

1983. Oscillometer: the first compaction meter for oscillating rollers.

1988. The CDS System: the world’s first system capable of recording and documenting soil compaction.

1992. ICM: the first prototype of “the intelligent roller shown at BAUMA”.

1997. The ACD System: the first documentation system for asphalt compaction.

1998. Compaction Indicator:
the world’s simplest system for compacting soil.

2005. CompactoBar:
the smallest all-electronic compaction meter in history.